matchbox shrines

These are my safe motoring shrines
featuring Saint Frances of Rome.
In 1925 Pope Pius XI proclaimed her the patron of drivers.
She could always see her guardian angel,
at night his halo would illuminate her way.

*these are not standard matchbox cars
they would not fit in the matchbox.

*buffing tip

Today I was at the buffer trying to buff these small items.
The familiar burning sensation came to my fingertips.
I was told if I buffed enough,
I'd burn out the nerve endings
and it wouldn't hurt so much.
If it's a pendant hook a paperclip on it.
That way you can hang onto the clip,
rather than the hot piece.

message in a bottle

This is what I think is the last of the Asian inspired series.
It all lead up to this.
Two pieces of silver connected by a copper rivet.
Top silver piece has been patterened using a rolling mill,
and it swivels.
2mm red coral, sterling silver and one copper rivet


mother of pearl earrings

I love taking found objects and setting them into jewelry.
The mother of pearl is from a vintage set of cufflinks.
I took the picture before adding the ball posts to the smallest hoop.
Once in awhile I get so intrigued by the object I've made
the function-jewelry part is secondary.
-this is one of those times.


torch burn

This is what sterling silver can look like after being under a torch.
Normally you would toss it in some acid to clean it.
I like to call it 'The Dirty Doughnut'.
It is a hollow closed form
hand constructed
all sterling silver
strung with radiant freshwater pearls.

-not available-

orange drops

The first of the series and last because I never made the others.
Oh they may show up later,
when my brain stops pushing out new ideas.
the Asian influence series is next
right now: the 'secret' series is percolating.

dog jewelry

Sterling silver and copper dog tags
possibly a cat tag (little silver star)
all handmade by yours truely...


Iolite orbit ring

Each sterling silver arm fully orbits
around the center iolite stone.


sterling heart copper hand

The hand is pierced from the silver and
backed by a piece of copper.
This piece has satin finish, the tiny jumprings
have all been soldered closed.
The heart dangles from sterling cable.


Our Lady of Fatima

The Virgin Mary appeared 6 times to three children
in Fatima, portugal in the year 1917.
The miracle of the sun occured on October 13th, 1917.
She promised peace if her requests were obeyed.

handmade sterling silver pendant with copper spirals
assorted pink pearls play peek-a-boo with white freshwater pearls

the meaning of 925

I named my jewelry business after the stamping you find on sterling silver pieces- 925.
Silver is a soft metal. If you were to use 100 percent pure silver it would not hold a form well, other metals (alloys) are added to strengthen the durability.
Sterling silver is 92.5% silver with 7.5% alloy.
Some people mark their pieces with a 'sterling' stamp.
Its just a personal preference.
I'm into numbers, but I'm not a math person- go figure.

Our Lady of Lourdes

handmade sterling silver pendant
Feb 11, 1858 Burnadette Soubirous at age 14 had visions of the Virgin Mary.
She discovered a spring which was claimed to be capable of healing the sick.
The Grotte de Massabielle (Miraculous Cave) in Lourdes France is visited by pilgrims seeking healing and blessings.


size six

size 6 ring
high polished sterling silver band
sterling tubing, heat treated copper circle
sterling disc and ball.


magic square

The magic square is a bit of a mystery.
Two examples of it were excavated from Pompeii.
There is no agreed explanation on its purpose.
To this day the debate continues.
sterling silver pendant and chain


number 5

Number five shows off the great typography of this German coin.
I domed the coin and let the natural patina show off the detailing.


sputnik ring

Sterling silver, peridot, amethyst, two citrines.
Extending from the band like little explosions of colors.

nobody home

-house pendant
sterling silver with copper door


my info

I am 35 years old. I make jewelry by hand. I live in Florida in a small house that is also my studio.

All of the jewelry is for sale. It is one-of-a-kind, so when its sold its gone. If you are interested in something you can contact me at or leave a comment here. Any and all questions are welcome.

Many of my pieces sell before they can get listed at the store. If you want first crack check out my Deviantart gallery. The latest 'deviations' are my newest pieces.

I mainly work in sterling silver. I stamp all my pieces with my artist hallmark (a mexican motif of a lizard) and the traditional 925 stamp. I use semi-precious stones, pearls, antique buttons and anything else I find interesting.

As for payment I accept paypal and personal checks-> the checks must clear the bank before I sent anything out. Returns accepted up two weeks after you receive the item, please email me and let me know it is coming back (the shipping cost will be your responsibility). Any other questions just drop me a line at