making jewelry by hand aka construction

slow and steady wins the race right?

well we have the outside form soldered and solid
on Mr. Ciggyman.

Next part I really have to use my brain and be precise!

I hard soldered the whole thing
and somehow managed to balance the hoop
on some coat hanger bits and got that attached.

This is all silver- dirty but silver.

To bend the top I decided I was going
with the organic look, so I used a stamp
I made out of a nail instead of a separating disc.
I cut off the extra top so it no longer looks like a pagoda.


in case you didn't know I usually work
on a couple of pieces at the same time.
This is a druzy pearl necklace
I've been meaning to get done.

I really thought it was going well.
Watched the solder flow around the lower bezel,
trying to see it at the top.
Didn't want to melt those pearl bezels.
Dropped it in the pickle pot and thought
I was golden.


When I pulled it out of the pot
the two pearl bezels slid right off.


Sometimes when you solder your flux
acts like glue and until its been pickled
you won't know.
Gotta have those soldered down fully or they will
pull up when your setting your stone
and then my friend...
you are totally screwed.

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