The Heart String

I needed some new art.
I saw a DIY on this project.
I couldn't find any scrap wood so I bought an old drawer and busted it apart.
I painted it with acrylic  brown paint (fuck using stains they suck)
I used black nails used for building miniature railroads
and red twine I bought off etsy.
-heart art-

Gibney Patent 1862 Flatware

My aunt has been collecting this Civil War Era Flatware for some time now and she would like to sell it. If you are interested please contact me thx!

I have 3 scalloped small Gibney spoons in what looks to be their original box from Champney & Smitten Jewelers 317 &319 Fulton St Brooklyn - 2 small spoons length just shy 3.5" 1 ounce marked Patent 1862, the longer spoon is more ladle-like 5" long 1 ounce

1 Very Large Gibney Ladle Scalloped a little over 11" long 4 ounces marks- sterling patent 1862

1 smaller Gibney scalloped spoon a little over 6.5" long 1.5 ounces engravings Dunham & From S. Mary? MARKS Starr &Marcus Sterling Patent 1862

1 Gibney serving knife? heavily decorated 7.25" long, 1.5 ounces engraving JM,
MARKS 925 W.J. Behan Patent 1862

5 sets of Gibney forks:
  •  4 small with a deer engraved, 5" long right 2 tines are the same and the one on the left is thicker with a cutout like a claw. MARKS 925 STARR&MARCUS patent 1862, 1 ounce each (desert?)
  • 9 -5.5" long Gibney forks all engraved ABN, similiar style to the smaller ones with the exception on clawed tines on the outer. MARKS 925 C. AMFNCY& SMITTEN patent 1862, 1 ounce each (Salad?)
  • 5 -6.5" long Gibney regular looking flatware no engraving on front backs engraved with a T MARKS STARR&MARCUS, sterling patent 1862, 1.5 ounce each
  • 17- 7.5" long Gibney Forks mainly 3 different sets of engraving with one odd man out.. "MMK" engraving  1 Fork MARKS; Ball Black & Co sterling patent 1862, weight 2 ounces
           "ABS" 6 forks MARKS; STARR & MARCUS,  sterling, patent 1862, weight 2 ounces each

            "MBP?" 6 forks MARKS; STARR & MARCUS, sterling, patent 1862, 2 ounces

            "CRS" 4 forks  MARKS;  BROWNE & SPAULDING, 925, patent 1862 2 ounces

Gibson Spoons 3 sizes
  • 9-  6"long pointy tips engraving "R. Davies" MARKS; BALL & BLACK, sterling, patent 1862 1 ounce each (includes) two spoons which appear to have the pointy part removed or filed off "HFA" MARKS; Gibney 1862 1 ounce

  • 9- 6.75" long medium all pointy tipped; 1 "R.Davies" Ball Black & Co Patent 1862,  2"Gd&EF" STARR & MARCUS sterling patent 1862 1.5 ounces, 6 "W" Ball & Black Co Patent 1862
7- 8.5" long large spoon all pointy tipped; 2 "A. Davies" Ball Black & Co, sterling, patent 1862 2 ounces,  5 "FCG" STARR& MARCUS, sterling patent 1862

these are the small scalloped spoons in the original box
If you would like other pictures I'd be happy to send or post them.

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We hope you feel better

Rocko and I are missing you Lola

 get better soon

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She ate a poisonous mushroom from my backyard
almost killed her.  Spent 4 days at the vets on 2 IVs.

Collector Jewelry Books

The vintage ones are being listed on etsy

HOWEVER I have some great books that deal with the HISTORY of JEWELRY or other books that do not qualify as being vintage.
You can find those here does not allow me to post my own photos but I will be more than happy to send you pictures or contents of each book, or any other information that you would want.

All books are shipped via media mail  (2-9 days) unless you contact me and I will adjust the price.
Some of these book are VERY HEAVY.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase just let me know so we can work it out.  I want you to be happy with your purchase, otherwise I'm not happy.

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