tooth buddies

They look like your normal sock pals.....
but hidden on the back is the tooth pocket.
Not to worry the fairy knows all about it,
we had a conversation months ago
about how stressful it is to A) find the tooth
and B) not waken the sleeping one.

Talk about stress- I did something I should never do,
I took on a commission job thats
too low paying and its production line work.
Now I'm mad and regretful and overwhelmed.
So if you don't hear from me for awhile
just know I'm sitting at my bench swearing a lot
with my back hurting and sore fingers.
Like a black cloud hanging over my head.

If anyone is interested in a tooth buddy drop me a line,
I'll tell you what sock options are left.
I didn't make enough to put in my etsy store.
Whenever I think I have a good idea, a lot of the time it flops.
So speak up if your 5 or 6 year old is starting to wiggle
their teeth and they're scared-
I sell them for 18 dollars each.
Shipping is usually about 3 buckeroos.