hello bird

Much to my amazement and I imagine his...
I found a Great Blue Heron walking around my front lawn last night.
I was putting out the trash and he was doing bird stuff.
I've seen some of the craziest looking birds since I moved to Florida.

If you want to see some cool birds check out
While She Naps ... now theres a lady with mucho talent.

gone to the gallery

I made a few items to swap out inventory at the gallery.
This serpentine and freshwater pearl pendant is one of them.
That doesn't mean its not available,
you just have to contact me and I'll go get it if it hasn't sold.

to reflect whats still around, whats sold, and current prices.



first bloom from my itty bitty magnolia tree.
Just planted it a week or two ago,
so it was a bit of a surprise to see it.
Its a dwarf variety because its planted near some power lines.
Can't have the power going out every time the wind blows.

chihuahua necklace

or should I say chih-wow-wow!?

Just one in the set of four,
I've put up for sale
from my resin casting experience.

thanks for looking!*SOLD*

purple monster for my nephew

it took two days to make.
It was supposed to have cool antennae,
but I couldn't figure it out.
You see I knit everything flat then sew it up together.
I can start on circulars,
but forget about starting on dp's.

This is a first communion present for my nephew.
I know you all are thinking
'first communion and monster go together' right?

My trademark got denied for being too vague.
So now I'm desperately trying to think up a brand name
to go for all my stuff not just the jewelry.
If you give me one I can use I'll send you a prize.

howlite flower with sodalite

This is a re-do, the first pendant
I made was too small for the strand of sodalite.
So now we have a huge flower of howlite set in sterling.

I haven't decided whether to sell this
via etsy or through a gallery