the problem with going to the islands

You catch a bridge every now and then.

I could have made it through the light on
this one, but the assjack behind me was
tailing me so hard
I decided he needed a time out.
It's one of the longest bridges we have.
So we sat and sat, and waited some more.

It was Lola's first bridge,
and as you can tell from the picture...

She was totally clueless.

So be warned all you dickheads on the road...
I will make your day a little more miserable if I can.

my dirty little secret

In its full glory. My pile of crap.

took me 6 years to accumulate all this crap
and I had it hidden behind my bench!

ahh now that's clean (at least for me)...

it's not over yet... this is my soldering bench under there!