bull riding

I'm totally addicted to the Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge

When I first started my 'small metal sculpture'(jewelry) classes
at UNM, I sat across from a Native American named Shane.
One day Shane walks in with a good sized bump on his right temple,
like half of a tennis ball was trying to escape from his head.

'Holy crap man, what happened to you??!!'
"Bull got me."

I guess he gave up jewelry because I never saw him again.
I knew back then what courage it took,
and ever since I'm in awe of anyone who gets on a bull.
...even Johnny Fairplay.

stickers! yes! stickers!

This is so cool.
Your pictures=your stickers!
It's the moo stickerbook
All you need is a flickr account (which is free)
upload your photos and get these stickers
delivered to your door from the UK.
They also make moo cards- which is like half of a business card.
I got those too and love them.
So you wanna get your designs out there- go moo!

much better

I just couldn't take looking at it.
so I fixed the 'dog' and then
went out and ordered a tv.
I have the tv,
now I just need the rest of it:
hi-def hook up and remote.
Then I'm gonna charge my dad 5 dollars to watch golf on it.
300 golf games and I've got it paid for.