Bezel Setting MY WAY

ok folks here we go...
this is how I set my bezels.
First off lets talk about tools.

Best thing I EVER bought was that bench pin with a hole in it.
Rio used to sell them but last time I looked I couldn't find them.
This is AWESOME- I also use it for my tube cutter.
*note you must be able to remove top of tool from bottom,
and re-screw them through the hole.
This gives you a free hand or two!

Now my ring holder tool- got it from Rio also.
Its from Egypt and it smelled when I first got it.
Comes with different plastic inserts for different sizes of rings.
You adjust it by using the screw at the top.

I do use a bezel pusher just to get the stone in there,
so it won't move around much on me.

Now for the poor mans trick
Instead of busting out $150 for a foredom hammerhead.
I took a nail and filed it down and sanded it and polished it.
This is now my cheap hammering piece.
I use a small ball peen hammer because it does the job.

Yes it does the job. It also may leave a few marks.
You just clean those up with small rubber discs.
piece o' cake.

ps. I think the onlything you can get now a days is
The GRS Benchmate- but you have to buy
the stone setters kit which is $300.

The only problem is I CANNOT for the life of me
unseat a stone, once its set.

can you guess what this is?

besides a strip mall and a traffic sign

its a BIG TOP with no tent.

That's right people
I live in a circus town.

They are going to put a metal roof on it.
BIG Mistake if you ask me,
but nobody did.

God I feel so mental today.

Golden tree in bloom

I think it bloomed even more
but my allergies were kicking my ass.
My dog is in heaven.
She eats the blooms that fall
into the backyard.
I swear its the biggest oldest tree
I've seen around here.
See 3 posts down what it looked like before.