Introducing..... LOLA

ahh pure puppy love
4 months old and pees on my floor
doesnt get much better than this.

time to make the monkeys

ahh its that time of year again...
where i start cranking out sock monsters,
so I can have a good stock of them for x-mas.

happy 4th

I spent my 4th on the water mostly,
cruising around Sarasota Bay.
I just love these birds.
I have no idea what they are called.
I also love pelicans.
Especially when they are fishing.


Here he is!
I know we've all been waiting!
I'll probably put him up for sale
in a day or two.
working on a hat now.
thought it would be easy,
its not.

What's the matter Moo?

my poor dog moo has a Corneal Ulcer.
She has to wear a cone hat.
bummer- but kind of funny.
I hear her banging around the house now.
She's real bent she can't drink from the toilet anymore.
We were instructed to give her eye drops every two hours.
keep your fingers crossed,
I hope this works.

UPDATE: the moo has improved enough to put the space helmet away.
Shes in good spirits and is enjoying watermelon!

creatures hats and whatnots...

I've had some problems with hand tremors
since I've started a new medication.
So its easier for me to knit and make sockies for the time being.
I have put up a knit flower baby hat for sale on etsy
Next I'm going to attempt to knit a blue stegosaurus,
this should be interesting...

Get yer Easter bunnies

well people I'm fresh out of socks.

These are the only two bunnies,
and I'm selling them locally.

So if you live in or near Sarasota
you can find them here

Things are good. I'm knitting a few aliens.

I've already ordered valentines day cookies,
received them and promptly ate them.

I love Dancing deer baking Co.