Orange bullet Earrings

Acrylic orange bullets
Originally uploaded by pj925
Oh yes these babies are acrylic that look like the candy DOTS!

But you can't eat them, just buy them and know you are wearing one of a kind earrings that you won't find anywhere else.

I made them myself.

They are dainty and sweet, and available in my etsy shop.

Scary Barry's yard

No offense Barry I just can't remember peoples
names so I make them rhyme, and you did
startle me the first time I met you,
not wearing a shirt and all fat and hairy.

Well you're not the topic of this post anyways...
its your yard being invaded by birds!
You must have your cats inside today,
instead of crapping in my iris beds.

I used to know the name of these birds,
but I forgot to rhyme it so you know what

I know your yard is full of weeds
must be full of bugs too,
cuz these birds are going to town.

Thanks for the allergies and the nature show.

hardcore pollenation

There's pollen everywhere!
Having serious sinus headaches.

This is by far my best grower yet,
some white iris that's gone apeshit.
It's huge in comparison to the others I planted.
Iris comes from the Greek word for a rainbow,
and wouldn't you know I like the white ones.

Next up is....the golden trumpet tree
or Tabebvia chrysotricha.
I know it looks dead. It does all year.
My mom calls it the creepy tree.
Its just now starting to bloom.
Soon the whole tree will be covered in yellow flowers.
That is IF we get some rain.
Last year I had a half bloom.
Its pretty old and the biggest I've seen around town.

sunbathing dog

If you can't tell by now I adore my dog.
She wakes me up in the middle of the night to pee.
She jumps on me as she runs to check out
a barking dog at 7am every morning.
This just kills me...
She goes out in the mornings to sunbathe on my deck.