Jewelers stump DONE!

Ok folks I did it on the cheap and here's how it went down.
I bought it off ebay for 40 bucks- black walnut stump.
They sent it parcel post.
Yes the postal person was like WTF did you order?
So I have a raw tree stump with cracks in it.
After much research online and a very nice man's advice I put it in the oven for 3 hours at 170 degrees to kill any bugs.  Then left it there to cool off.
Then I polyurethaned the bottom and sides, a couple of coats each.
I left the top raw.
I had my dad help me screw in the stake holder with some deck screws or something.
Notice my lack of construction knowledge....

and that is the story of how to do a jewelers stump on the cheap.
You can choose to buy perfectly kiln dried ones for 200 bucks and up.
Black Maple is beautiful and one of the hardest woods, so if you're looking to carve into your stump use Maple.  Hopefully with this addition I will give a longer life to my bench which is maple and made by my good friend Louis in Albuquerque.

Oh I also bought two vibration mats from MicroMark to try to keep from busting my tiles up from the terrazzo floor from the 1950's -a bad tiling job.

Now if anyone has any hints on keeping rust off of my stakes and mandrels please comment.
Any questions hit me up I'm all about sharing info.

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