Eat your peas!

No, silly those aren't real peas!
But I sure wouldn't want to eat them either way!
I hate peas!
I looove tumbled serpentine!
if you feel the love get it here

support independent artists!
I have to get a crown at the dentist next month!

trouble trouble

This pattern nearly killed me
4 segments to the main torso??!!!
Hopefully the decadent fabric
hides all the ut-oh's.

I'll be closing down the ebay shop,
and moving it all to my etsy store.

It's chilly today-
maybe I'll light up my torch...

I think its a dog

It's one of the infamous Japanese Crafting books!

To the right we have my interpretation of a
mixture of the 'dog' patterns available.

Connecting the head to the body was trickier
than expected, and sewing on the eyes and nose
was way easier than I could have imagined.

Where can you get one of these books? EBAY
- thats a link to the ebayer I bought the book from.
They are a bit pricey so be prepared.

Oh and they're in Japanese, but thank god they are
numbered so you know what pattern goes with what
cutey pie (theres a whole huge pattern page included).

Step away from the needles....

ok I think I got 'knIT' out of my system.

I found the bunny beanie pattern online.

Anyone having an easter baby?
Its listed as 3- 6 months.

baby did a bad bad thing

thats right,
I got fabric glue all over my sewing machine
needle and foot because I could not wait.

I woke up and thought 'cripes!
I got nothing for the Georgia boys for easter.'
The rabbit was easy but gooey.
Behind it is a bunny hat I made from an old t-shirt.
No, I am not a creative genius. I got it here

It couldn't be girly.
These are boys so I ixnayed any pink whatsoever.
And definitely no ribbons! So I fudged it a bit.
They kinda look like a cheap ripoff of muskateer ears.
oh well, I'll just fill it with candy. He will be so delirious
he won't even notice.

guess what? MORE PINK!

when I heard plain mabel was closin' shop
I decided to have a peek at what was left.

Needle-Felting Kits!

yet another craft I HAD TO conquer.

See the wispy stuff? that's wool roving.
See that knob with the sharp spikes?
You use that to jab at the roving to compact it down.
I got a bit of an arm workout cuz I was
jabbing like there was no tomorrow.

Hand/Eye coordination is a must for this one...
otherwise you might end up stabbing yourself,
and I think that would hurt,
a lot.

I'm not good at waiting ....

This is my very first EVER resin cast.
It took 2 days to complete.
I bought this book by Sherri Haab
"The Art of Resin Casting"
and then purchased the easy cast resin and a mold
from her website
I'm giving this book a thumbs up.
It's an easy read with tips that are truly helpful.
The 'Easy Cast' had no odor either (yay!)
the waiting was the only bummer
but I'm glad I did.