i love you this much

arms spread out like an airplane
monster number two
is no 'runway' model
(oh how corny)
but with freakishly long legs and a short torso
he will always tell you
from sock nub to sock nub
he's gonna save it all for you.


I thought this was the one

the one that would
make me say
'ok, you're done.'
but it wasn't.
wait til you see
whats next.
there is a plan-
just need to make
3 more.
maybe I'll be done.*SOLD*

ok so I'm obsessive

I got a good deal on some socks.
I'm selling these as fast as I make them.

I really do make jewelry,
I swear.

The new blogger has me
and my blogging all screwed up.
Trying to get my page half decent.

some serious teeth

This one is really odd.
Even my dog thought so.
I really liked these socks,
I was going to keep them to wear.
But Adrien gets
what Adrien wants.
Does she want this one?


My aunt sent me this photo of my grandfather.
He lived in the U.P. of Michigan.
I wish I knew him better.
Like why was he wearing a bearskin on his head,
and why does it look so normal?


well the show is over...
I sold the mini monkey and this
large weird bunny before the doors even opened.
Its a really odd picture,
but I do scrunch up nicely and it's comfortable.
So I SOLD OUT of all creatures knit or made of socks.
Even the dinosaur left me.
It was a long day but the bands were rockin'
and roller derby chicks are always cool.
The oddest thing was that everyone
squeezed the crap out of my knit creatures.
Like they were trying to find a dog squeaker in them.
I also noticed it was mostly men
who understood my Pluto t-shirts and laughed.
I only sold one shirt to Pluto sympathizer
it's ok, I really wanted to keep one for myself.

many thx

I would like to personally thank the a-hole from India who left a mile long comment of links to crap and then left a second one. Having to scroll and delete, rinse and repeat- was the highlight of my day.