Shrine for Cisco

I make Altoid Shrines every now and then
when the urge hits.
This one is for my friend in ABQ
who lost her dog Cisco.
I've made a couple of molds
(the flowers and the big heart)
For the stars and the smaller hearts
I have tiny cookie cutters.
In order for the acrylic paint to stick,
I use Killz primer that will stick to anything.
and lots of glitter!

my attention span is shot

I have a sock monster curse.
I can't knit because I keep forgetting what I'm doing.
Strange thing is I can cook now-
not well but I found myself baking a cake last night.
Things are all messed up
and creativity is at an all time low.
Except for these sock things
that I can't stop making.
I'm afraid I'll have a whole room full of them
if I don't get a distraction soon.


Thats right
I've gone and done it...

the etsy shop

stop on by,
grab a monster
or a deal

or maybe both.