a purple one

oh man am I tired.
I'm just cranking this stuff out
left and right.
I think I got about a week and a half left
til the big deal
be there or be square.

Yes he's mocking you

I thought this would be a nice sock monster,
considering he's all flowery.
Little did I know,
he got an attitude overnight.
Musta been talking to the chewed up dog toys.

my first fish

and my last.
My father refused to cook it,
told me to throw it back before I killed it.
I lost all passion for fishing.
I mainly liked digging up worms for bait.
And yes, that is the one and only
"Pocket Fisherman."

I almost failed out of my jewelry class

Its true.
9am class and I couldn't
or wouldn't get out of bed.
who is creative at 9am?
I fought a lot with my teachers.
I'm almost positive they hated me a bit.
I didn't want to talk about
'what it meant.'
I just wanted to make stuff.

planetary love

it's my meager attempt at letting pluto know
I won't forget.

my first press appearance

Well its a first, even though I was not named.
(i'm not complaining- still grateful for any exposure)
These were the 'shady ladies'.
The beauties I chose were real badasses:
Baby Doe Tabor
Belle Starr
Etta Place with the Sundance Kid
All the names are linked back to my personal shots of each piece
and also have a description of these lovely ladies stories.

introducing a bunny

I'm letting a lot of pictures slide by that normally
I would not accept to be posted.
I have so much work to do that I can't (won't) spend
mucho time on getting the best shot.
*that means it looks better in person*

sterling silver bunny on heat treated copper.

thx to whomever sent me the finger monster.
I've forgotten who it was.