once and only once

I've always wanted a gingerbread house.

I ordered a kit from STONEWALL KITCHEN
it came with everything needed except for:
an expert decorator.
The whole icing 'hold it til it sticks'
was a serious problem for me.
I have the attention span of an ant.

The gingerbread smells SO good.
Royal icing is a pain.
Lightweight things work the best
(especially on the roof) like gum drops.
The ice cream cone trees were the fun part.
Must have lots of patience and then some.

*note to future gingerbread house constructors...
I made this in Florida. Yes it can be done.
I kept it in the microwave oven
while waiting for the icing to setup completely.*

we are having a pink christmas

It's hard getting into the holidays
when its still 80 degrees out,
and you KNOW there will be no snow.

I was having a really bad day when it dawned on me....
if we are going artificial,
lets really do it!

The dog really isn't into it.
I just made her sit there.
She's colorblind after all (or so they say).

Now I gotta find super sized silver balls.
'Cuz not only are we pink,
but we're also going big.

El E. Phant

The latest greatest sock dood....
up for show for a personal adoption (KT!)
...he was not approved
therefore will be looking for a home at


I'm making a basket of them- all different types.

Totally burned out on jewelry,
making one piece to donate for a domestic violence charity.
That one's gonna be cool if I can pull it off.

tooth buddies

They look like your normal sock pals.....
but hidden on the back is the tooth pocket.
Not to worry the fairy knows all about it,
we had a conversation months ago
about how stressful it is to A) find the tooth
and B) not waken the sleeping one.

Talk about stress- I did something I should never do,
I took on a commission job thats
too low paying and its production line work.
Now I'm mad and regretful and overwhelmed.
So if you don't hear from me for awhile
just know I'm sitting at my bench swearing a lot
with my back hurting and sore fingers.
Like a black cloud hanging over my head.

If anyone is interested in a tooth buddy drop me a line,
I'll tell you what sock options are left.
I didn't make enough to put in my etsy store.
Whenever I think I have a good idea, a lot of the time it flops.
So speak up if your 5 or 6 year old is starting to wiggle
their teeth and they're scared-
I sell them for 18 dollars each.
Shipping is usually about 3 buckeroos.

Ladies of the Wild West

Evey now and then I will do a series.
This time it was a look back on women of the west.
I decided the ones deemed outlaws and scandalous
were worth looking into.
I hope you do too.

Western portrait jewelry now up for sale
with their stories included.

First off a movie depiction of "a bandita"

Cynthia Ann Parker-SOLD-

Belle Starr

Baby Doe Tabor

Etta Place and The Sundance Kid -SOLD-

One of a kind, handmade and designed by a former Albuquerquian.
Inspired by the ladies who lived life their way.

bull riding

I'm totally addicted to the Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge

When I first started my 'small metal sculpture'(jewelry) classes
at UNM, I sat across from a Native American named Shane.
One day Shane walks in with a good sized bump on his right temple,
like half of a tennis ball was trying to escape from his head.

'Holy crap man, what happened to you??!!'
"Bull got me."

I guess he gave up jewelry because I never saw him again.
I knew back then what courage it took,
and ever since I'm in awe of anyone who gets on a bull.
...even Johnny Fairplay.

stickers! yes! stickers!

This is so cool.
Your pictures=your stickers!
It's the moo stickerbook
All you need is a flickr account (which is free)
upload your photos and get these stickers
delivered to your door from the UK.
They also make moo cards- which is like half of a business card.
I got those too and love them.
So you wanna get your designs out there- go moo!

much better

I just couldn't take looking at it.
so I fixed the 'dog' and then
went out and ordered a tv.
I have the tv,
now I just need the rest of it:
hi-def hook up and remote.
Then I'm gonna charge my dad 5 dollars to watch golf on it.
300 golf games and I've got it paid for.

moo 07

The moo and I went on vacation.
where did we go? -nowhere
cuz we are broke.
We just stopped answering the phone.
Its been interesting telling people I'm on vacation,
when actually I'm sitting at home working.
You might see the new stuff and you might not-
its usually pretty rough looking at first.

The moo was handed over to me at a house
from the Taos pueblo area.
You know the one where they have signs that say
"no stopping, no walking, no driving..."
She was so small when I got her she lived in a crock pot box
with a dishtowel inside and as she grew we cut the door open
wider. I know you're not suppose to take dogs so small,
but two of her siblings had already frozen to death.

I think she's about 13 or 14 now.
She's one of those 'space dogs'
with the white marking on her chest.
I once tried to convince a guy it was Jesus on her chest
and he really freaked out,
especially when I said he should pray to her.

my superpower

I had a dream where my 'super power' was revealed to me....
it was that I could swim super fast.
WTF?! I don't like to swim.
I'm not even a water sign.

hello bird

Much to my amazement and I imagine his...
I found a Great Blue Heron walking around my front lawn last night.
I was putting out the trash and he was doing bird stuff.
I've seen some of the craziest looking birds since I moved to Florida.

If you want to see some cool birds check out
While She Naps ... now theres a lady with mucho talent.

gone to the gallery

I made a few items to swap out inventory at the gallery.
This serpentine and freshwater pearl pendant is one of them.
That doesn't mean its not available,
you just have to contact me and I'll go get it if it hasn't sold.

to reflect whats still around, whats sold, and current prices.



first bloom from my itty bitty magnolia tree.
Just planted it a week or two ago,
so it was a bit of a surprise to see it.
Its a dwarf variety because its planted near some power lines.
Can't have the power going out every time the wind blows.

chihuahua necklace

or should I say chih-wow-wow!?

Just one in the set of four,
I've put up for sale
from my resin casting experience.

thanks for looking!*SOLD*

purple monster for my nephew

it took two days to make.
It was supposed to have cool antennae,
but I couldn't figure it out.
You see I knit everything flat then sew it up together.
I can start on circulars,
but forget about starting on dp's.

This is a first communion present for my nephew.
I know you all are thinking
'first communion and monster go together' right?

My trademark got denied for being too vague.
So now I'm desperately trying to think up a brand name
to go for all my stuff not just the jewelry.
If you give me one I can use I'll send you a prize.

howlite flower with sodalite

This is a re-do, the first pendant
I made was too small for the strand of sodalite.
So now we have a huge flower of howlite set in sterling.

I haven't decided whether to sell this
via etsy or through a gallery

Eat your peas!

No, silly those aren't real peas!
But I sure wouldn't want to eat them either way!
I hate peas!
I looove tumbled serpentine!
if you feel the love get it here

support independent artists!
I have to get a crown at the dentist next month!

trouble trouble

This pattern nearly killed me
4 segments to the main torso??!!!
Hopefully the decadent fabric
hides all the ut-oh's.

I'll be closing down the ebay shop,
and moving it all to my etsy store.

It's chilly today-
maybe I'll light up my torch...

I think its a dog

It's one of the infamous Japanese Crafting books!

To the right we have my interpretation of a
mixture of the 'dog' patterns available.

Connecting the head to the body was trickier
than expected, and sewing on the eyes and nose
was way easier than I could have imagined.

Where can you get one of these books? EBAY
- thats a link to the ebayer I bought the book from.
They are a bit pricey so be prepared.

Oh and they're in Japanese, but thank god they are
numbered so you know what pattern goes with what
cutey pie (theres a whole huge pattern page included).

Step away from the needles....

ok I think I got 'knIT' out of my system.

I found the bunny beanie pattern online.

Anyone having an easter baby?
Its listed as 3- 6 months.

baby did a bad bad thing

thats right,
I got fabric glue all over my sewing machine
needle and foot because I could not wait.

I woke up and thought 'cripes!
I got nothing for the Georgia boys for easter.'
The rabbit was easy but gooey.
Behind it is a bunny hat I made from an old t-shirt.
No, I am not a creative genius. I got it here

It couldn't be girly.
These are boys so I ixnayed any pink whatsoever.
And definitely no ribbons! So I fudged it a bit.
They kinda look like a cheap ripoff of muskateer ears.
oh well, I'll just fill it with candy. He will be so delirious
he won't even notice.

guess what? MORE PINK!

when I heard plain mabel was closin' shop
I decided to have a peek at what was left.

Needle-Felting Kits!

yet another craft I HAD TO conquer.

See the wispy stuff? that's wool roving.
See that knob with the sharp spikes?
You use that to jab at the roving to compact it down.
I got a bit of an arm workout cuz I was
jabbing like there was no tomorrow.

Hand/Eye coordination is a must for this one...
otherwise you might end up stabbing yourself,
and I think that would hurt,
a lot.

I'm not good at waiting ....

This is my very first EVER resin cast.
It took 2 days to complete.
I bought this book by Sherri Haab
"The Art of Resin Casting"
and then purchased the easy cast resin and a mold
from her website sherrihaab.com
I'm giving this book a thumbs up.
It's an easy read with tips that are truly helpful.
The 'Easy Cast' had no odor either (yay!)
the waiting was the only bummer
but I'm glad I did.

don't forget the ones you love

even if they've gone on ahead of you...

I bezel set a picture behind a glass pebble
and left the patina from the torch
which gives it an older feeling.
This ended up being a key chain,
but I usually make pendants for the ladies
since I haven't figured out what a manly
necklace looks like yet.

oh crap its 'love' month

Not your average love birds-
just another set of sock monsters made while
fending off the art vampires that went on tour.
These bad boys are being held for a
'place of honor' at a local shop
but I can always be persuaded to quickly
pack and ship them to unknown locations...
if the price is right.
It doesn't get much cooler than Bob Barker kids.
Always pick the second showcase people!

Shrine for Cisco

I make Altoid Shrines every now and then
when the urge hits.
This one is for my friend in ABQ
who lost her dog Cisco.
I've made a couple of molds
(the flowers and the big heart)
For the stars and the smaller hearts
I have tiny cookie cutters.
In order for the acrylic paint to stick,
I use Killz primer that will stick to anything.
and lots of glitter!

my attention span is shot

I have a sock monster curse.
I can't knit because I keep forgetting what I'm doing.
Strange thing is I can cook now-
not well but I found myself baking a cake last night.
Things are all messed up
and creativity is at an all time low.
Except for these sock things
that I can't stop making.
I'm afraid I'll have a whole room full of them
if I don't get a distraction soon.


Thats right
I've gone and done it...

the etsy shop

stop on by,
grab a monster
or a deal

or maybe both.