once and only once

I've always wanted a gingerbread house.

I ordered a kit from STONEWALL KITCHEN
it came with everything needed except for:
an expert decorator.
The whole icing 'hold it til it sticks'
was a serious problem for me.
I have the attention span of an ant.

The gingerbread smells SO good.
Royal icing is a pain.
Lightweight things work the best
(especially on the roof) like gum drops.
The ice cream cone trees were the fun part.
Must have lots of patience and then some.

*note to future gingerbread house constructors...
I made this in Florida. Yes it can be done.
I kept it in the microwave oven
while waiting for the icing to setup completely.*

we are having a pink christmas

It's hard getting into the holidays
when its still 80 degrees out,
and you KNOW there will be no snow.

I was having a really bad day when it dawned on me....
if we are going artificial,
lets really do it!

The dog really isn't into it.
I just made her sit there.
She's colorblind after all (or so they say).

Now I gotta find super sized silver balls.
'Cuz not only are we pink,
but we're also going big.