Temporary Toad House

Hi everyone!  Been awhile but I'm into some new stuff.


That's right, I have a zillion toads in my Garden so I decided to make some toad houses.
So not having a kiln I figure I'll try air hardening clay.

I'm out watering this groundcover spreading purple salvia and I see
a toad burrowed down in the dirt!
I'm like 'Dude! I'm going to drown you, you need to move!
So I built a temporary toad house out of a broken pot and some seashells and put him in it.

Next day he was GONE. Like REALLY gone.
Then I was like whats the point of building toad houses when the toads don't like them.

I looked in the pot and there's a toad!

 So I'm back on track and will keep you updated on my handmade toad houses.

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