Work progresses

If you haven't been following along the posts below
explain the start of these hand buildt pieces of jewelry...

I traced the outside of the form on a piece of silver
then cut it out, making it a little bigger than needed.
I then stamped in the quit date of my non-smoker friend!
The bottom mark 925 is for sterling silver,
and the lizard is my hallmark-
(it is also tattooed on the arch of my left foot).

OK there was some pounding with a rawhide mallet
to get the piece as flat as possible.
Stamping distorts the metal a little, and we need
this baby flat for soldering to the form.
filing, filing, sanding, sanding
you know the routine....

Until we have both pieces flat with no spaces.

Ta Da! I already soldered it.
I used medium solder, because I used
the higher melting HARD solder to make the form.
We don't want things coming undone.
I watched as the solder crept its way around the box.
Can't have any holes because I'm going to fill
this with some fun stuff with color...
that comes later.
I have to make an inside form which will use
math skills which my brain has forgotten,
or I'll just wing it.

What's this? 2nd project in progress

Re-soldered it, made some adjustments to the bottom form.
Sanded down the tops of the bezels,
then totally pulled a brainfart and took some metal
off from the inside of the bezel. (OUTSIDE! ALWAYS!)
Its ok I still think the bezels might be a bit too high.
Once I make a mistake I usually stop
because it means I'm getting tired.

Next step check the stones in the bezel,
using a piece of dental floss underneath each stone
so you can pop it back out to make any adjustments.
Oh and the black... I oxidized the piece.
You will understand once I polish it.
Stay tuned...

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