Make your own Jewelry Tools

I am not the type of person to make my own tools.
My first jewelry class was at the College of Marin north of San Francisco.
If it weren't for my teacher I might have given up on jewelry.
I'm really mad I can't remember his name, he was so cool.
All you had to do was try. It was all about learning.

If you have a jewelers saw, a vise, a dremel and a coat hanger you can make this tool.
Well you don't need a dremel, but the tool you are making will be a dremel bit.

Straighten out your coat hanger enough where you can cut an inch and a half off (using your jewelers saw).
okay now put that wire standing up in a vise.
Using your jewelers saw cut about 1/2 an inch right through the middle.
You now have a sander bit for your dremel.

You can buy a larger version from a supply place. However I find them a bit too long and wonky.
So I modify it by cutting off about a half inch from the bottom of the bit.

Once you put the bit into your dremel you will need a piece of sandpaper to fit the bit. The little bit made with the coat hanger is great for sandpaper scraps. You put the sandpaper in with some extra hanging out the end. Slowly depress your foot pedal on the dremel to make sure you have the right direction and the sandpaper facing the right way. It will curl up to make a nice round sander.

The last pic might look a little strange considering my hand isn't holding the dremel.
I needed that hand to take the picture!

One of the best tools ever.
If you can figure out ways to lessen the time you spend finishing the better.
Your rings will always be comfortable if you finish the inside.

Next up Make your own Sanding sticks!

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