In a pickle with Sparex

This is a post for people who make jewelry.

This is for those of us who wonder
'why does my pickle have brown crap in it?'
I'm here to answer that question.

See the can of Sparex NO. 2 on the left?
They have painted the inside with some junk
that inevitably flakes off into your granules of
Sodium Bisulfate, leaving the exposed iron can
rusting on the inside.
Your can of Sparex is now SPENT.

Now you need to call up your hazardous waste program
and learn how to dispose of 3/4 of a can.

Now what to do- no pickle for my pot?
You can go the pool PH option OR
you can buy new sparex from Otto Frei
in a PLASTIC CONTAINER! (shown on the right)
6 bucks people.

The shipping was going to cost more
so I tossed in a high temp soldering board.
*We will discuss what I'm doing with that later*

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