moo 07

The moo and I went on vacation.
where did we go? -nowhere
cuz we are broke.
We just stopped answering the phone.
Its been interesting telling people I'm on vacation,
when actually I'm sitting at home working.
You might see the new stuff and you might not-
its usually pretty rough looking at first.

The moo was handed over to me at a house
from the Taos pueblo area.
You know the one where they have signs that say
"no stopping, no walking, no driving..."
She was so small when I got her she lived in a crock pot box
with a dishtowel inside and as she grew we cut the door open
wider. I know you're not suppose to take dogs so small,
but two of her siblings had already frozen to death.

I think she's about 13 or 14 now.
She's one of those 'space dogs'
with the white marking on her chest.
I once tried to convince a guy it was Jesus on her chest
and he really freaked out,
especially when I said he should pray to her.